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Paper shredders causing historical woes

By Paperstone on February 14, 2007 in Shredders & Supplies

Historians have voiced their concerns that valuable documents could fall foul of Paper shredders.

Historical societies in Evesham and Campden have urged businesses and the public to ensure that all their valuable documents are safely stored and that they are not muddled up with waste bound for the Paper shredder.

It is understood that the societies have voiced their concerns after attempting to locate deeds relating to old properties in the area but running into trouble when they discovered valuable documents had been destroyed by accident.

David Snowden, record keeper and IT consultant at Evesham Historical Society, said: "State Papers, treaties, major commercial agreements, court rolls and so on are in a little danger.

"They will probably be scanned and the originals destroyed or packed into a warehouse somewhere."

Mr Snowden has added that this could cause problems to historians in the future who will not be able to examine and read original documents in detail.

Some older documents even have their own intrinsic value, with Mr Snowden commenting that their historical importance could be outweighed by what they are printed on or how they were printed.

Paper shredders have become popular in an effort to help cut identity theft and fraud. At Paperstone we have all the equipment you need to help keep your documents safe.


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