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Office furniture ‘has an impact on employee morale’

By Paperstone on August 30, 2007 in Office Furniture

The design of a workplace, including how office furniture is utilised and positioned, can make a difference to staff motivation and morale, according to new research.

Architecture firm Stubbs Rich analysed the working environments of 180 businesses spread across the south-east, the Bath Chronicle reports.

They found that issues ranging from ventilation to the positioning of office furniture played a role in employee satisfaction.

The findings reveal that less than one in five respondents (17 per cent) believes the air quality in their workplace is "comfortable", while nearly 20 per cent have no window access from the workspace.

Additionally, 39 per cent reported that they did not have a relaxed area available to them where they could take breaks.

Researcher Jane Hamon told the publication that organisations may benefit from creating a break room, which may feature comfortable office furniture to encourage relaxation.

"Having access to a more relaxed space for breaks and meetings is so important for the wellbeing of staff, but also beneficial for the company," she said.

"Using a more informal space for an alternative meeting venue can very powerfully communicate the company’s branding and values to staff, clients and visitors."

Recently, Version One claimed that using green office supplies could help firms boost their credibility with customers.

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