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Expert: Set aside time for organising office supplies

By Paperstone on October 1, 2007 in Office Supplies

People who work from home could benefit from setting aside time at least once a week to organise their office supplies, it has been suggested.

Doc Murphy, owner of Plug in Profit, writes on that although small business owners or home workers may feel busy all the time, organisation of office supplies could help with time management.

For example, he explains that the act of finding mislaid office supplies can take more time than it would have to put them away properly in the first place.

He also suggests that office furniture and office equipment be arranged in such a way that the most frequently used items are within reach.

"If you have to get up every few minutes to answer the phone, grab a fax or check the printer, you are wasting several precious minutes everyday reaching for things," he writes.

Additionally, he recommends that people do not allow their desks to accumulate too many office supplies, adding: "The amount of office supplies you maintain in the home office will depend on the business as well as your budget."

A recent survey by Lexmark revealed that 80 per cent of homeworkers recycle office supplies.

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