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British workers ‘drowning in office supplies’

By Paperstone on October 3, 2007 in Office Supplies

Many UK workers allow office supplies and other items to pile up on their desks, new research reveals.

A survey by office equipment vendor Toshiba indicates that 64 per cent of respondents admit to keeping large amounts of office supplies, unfiled Paper and non-work-related items on their desks.

In order to address the problem, just over half of employees said they were planning to file important documents, while 40 per cent said they would prefer to throw away the unfilled Papers rather than deal with them.

On an industry basis, the distribution and transport sector was revealed to the worst at organising their office supplies, while manufacturing workers were shown to be the best. Some 70 per cent of those working in manufacturing said they always file their Paper documents.

In addition to Paper and office supplies, assorted items which clutter Britain’s desks include family photos, food and soft toys – with financial services workers keeping the most toys close to them.

Steve Hewson of Toshiba said the findings about unfilled documents were "not surprising", adding: "There seems to be a tendency to print documents for one-time use and then dispose of them."

He went on to suggest that employees use office machines to scan documents and file them electronically, which would free up desk space and reduce waste.

Toshiba offers office equipment solutions for businesses, among other products.

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