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1,000 ppm printer being developed

By Paperstone on February 16, 2007 in Ink Cartridges And Toners

Researchers are developing a new type of inkjet printer that can produce around 1,000 pages per minute, it has been revealed.

Israeli boffins claim to have created a new printer head that works using drop-on-demand technology, essentially spraying ink onto Paper quicker than traditional methods of printing which require the Paper to feed through rollers and scanned continuously by printer heads.

As such, Moshe Einat, who is leading the research, has aid that the idea could revolutionise printing and make the whole process far quicker and easier for businesses and home users alike.

His idea is to get printers working along the same lines as LCD screens, which refresh quickly, meaning printing could become almost instantaneous.

This could leas to a revolution in the printer market, with printers and printer cartridges being redesigned to embrace the new technology and personalised printing becoming the norm.

Books, newsPapers and other lengthy journals could all be produced in a matter of seconds thanks to Mr Einat’s invention.

Mr Einat claims that this printer uses some 57,600 printer nozzles in a 12 sq cm head, compared to just 1,000 nozzles on a normal printer.

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