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Paper shredders causing historical woes

By Paperstone on February 14, 2007 in Shredders & Supplies with 0 Comments

Historians have voiced their concerns that valuable documents could fall foul of Paper shredders. Historical societies in Evesham and Campden have urged businesses and the public to ensure that all their valuable documents are safely stored and that they are not muddled up with waste bound for the Paper shredder. It is understood that the […]

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Shredded paper is ‘a nuisance’ to recycle

By Paperstone on December 20, 2006 in Shredders & Supplies with 0 Comments

While the benefit of having a Paper shredder in the home or office has come to prominence in recent months, some local councils have reported problems dealing with the increased volume of additional Paper. According to Let’s Recycle, a leading information source for news on recycling and waste management in the UK, a number of […]

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Paper shredders ‘will keep Christmas jolly’

By Paperstone on December 18, 2006 in Shredders & Supplies with 0 Comments

Scottish police have advised those heading away for the festive season to ensure that all non-essential documents containing personal data are put through a Paper shredder. According to official figures from the police, 35,000 homes in Scotland will be broken in to over the Christmas period with many presents and expensive purchases the target of […]

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Paper shredder accident leads to amputation

By Paperstone on December 13, 2006 in Shredders & Supplies with 0 Comments

A hungry family pet has escaped with its life after a run-in with a Paper shredder, reports the Daily Record. Tara, a Labrador cross, found her tongue caught in the machine after eating crumbs dropped on top of the device and inadvertently switching it on. Unable to free herself, it was left to owner Linda […]

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Office supplies ‘a threat to security’

By Paperstone on December 1, 2006 in Office Supplies, Shredders & Supplies with 0 Comments

Printers and other office equipment will be part of the group of products responsible for security threats next year, according to computer security expert McAfee. According to a report released by McAfee Avert Labs, identity theft and data loss will feature highly in 2007 with offices around the country having to be extra vigilant regarding […]

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