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Brewing crisis: Why your cuppa might be hard to find in 2024

By Paperstone on March 13, 2024 in Uncategorized

You might have noticed something strange lately – it’s getting harder to find your go-to brands on the shelves due to tea shortages.

So, grab your favourite mug and settle in because we’ve got the latest news about everyone’s favourite beverage.

Tea break

Why are there tea shortages?

Red Sea route

Most of our tea comes from far-flung places like Kenya and India. The Red Sea route, which is crucial for getting our beloved tea to our shores, has been hit by disruptions caused by Houthi attacks on vessels. This has forced shipping firms to rethink their routes, with many opting to go the long way around – through the Cape of Good Hope at the foot of Africa. It’s adding a hefty 10 to 14 days onto shipment times.

Climate change

It’s not just the Red Sea route causing problems; picture this… tea fields basking in the sun, right?

Tea fields

Well, not quite. Climate change is throwing some serious shade at tea-growing regions. Weird weather, crazy temperatures, and poor rainfall are messing with the tea plants, making it tough for them to grow properly. Places like India, China, Sri Lanka, and Kenya – where tea reigns supreme – are feeling the heat, quite literally.

Labour shortages

Then there’s the people problem. The pandemic shook things up big time, causing labour shortages and disrupting the whole tea-making process. From planting to picking, there aren’t enough hands on deck. Plus, the cost of doing tea business keeps going up, and that’s not good news for tea farmers.

New trends

Oh, and don’t forget about us – the tea drinkers. Some of us are ditching our regular brews for trendy new drinks or herbal teas. With fewer folks reaching for classic teas, some farms are cutting back on growing them altogether.

What’s the big deal?

Well, it’s not just about missing out on our daily cuppa. The tea shortage is causing a ripple effect throughout the world. Countries that rely on importing tea are feeling the pinch, with prices going up and supplies running low. That means your favourite tea might start costing a pretty penny, or worse, might not be available at all.

And it’s not just about the money. Farmers who depend on tea to make a living are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. It’s a tough time for them, and it could have some serious consequences for tea-growing communities.

Herbal tea

How can you help?

While we might not be able to control the weather, there are things we can do to help out. Supporting tea producers who use sustainable farming practices is a great start. By choosing teas that are grown responsibly, we can make a positive impact on the environment and help farmers stay in business.

Tea farmers

Plus, spreading the word about the tea shortage can raise awareness and get more people involved in finding solutions. So, next time you sip your favourite brew, remember the hard work that goes into making it possible. Let’s raise our mugs to supporting tea farmers

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