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Office kitchen conversations and why they are so important

By Paperstone on February 20, 2023 in Uncategorized

One in six workers will experience a mental health problem at any time. Finding ways to create meaningful conversations in the office kitchen that create a sense of connection can help reduce this.

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There’s no doubt that employee well-being is high on many business leaders’ priorities right now, in fact 28% have said it’s their number one priority. But, coupled with the economic downturn and rising costs how can business leaders balance productivity, profitability and help their teams have connected, meaningful conversations?

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Most employers understand the importance of human connection, yet there’s still a lack of understanding around
the link between meaningful work conversations, well-being and positive business performance.

Paperstone is supporting Nescafé’s Make Chat Work campaign designed to help businesses support meaningful coffee breaks in the office kitchen, with valuable resources. You can download your resource packs from Nescafe here.

Data suggests that businesses who are investing in employee wellbeing are generating £5 for every £1 spent so it’s win-win.

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If you want to avoid the awkward ‘remind me how you take yours?’ conversation you can download Nescafe’s handy reminder.


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