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Exploring the changing world of mobile charging with ESR

By Paperstone on June 27, 2023 in Uncategorized

Gone are the days of clumsy charging cables and waiting overnight for your mobile to charge. Wireless and rapid mobile charging is here. In this latest blog post we explore wireless charging and recommend some top products for busy lives.

ESR mobile technology range

The global wireless charging market is in growth; worth nearly $22bn in 2022 (according to Fortune Business Insights), it is estimated to grow to over $120bn by 2030. ESR are at the forefront of this.

So, who are ESR?

ESR make a huge range of tech accessories which we’re stocking at Paperstone. Their range includes various products such as wireless mobile chargers, powerbanks, as well as a range of useful office tech products such as the 8-in-1 hub.

ESR are committed to using technology to make lives easier. This has never been more paramount as people juggle their work from various locations with varying work set ups and technology.

Ease is at the top of many of our wish lists and ESR’s range can help.

What’s so good about ESR mobile chargers?

Comparison of ESR charger vs competitor

Our top mobile phone product recommendations for busy people

ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Power Bank, MagSafe Compatible

Powerbank kickstand

The ESR HaloLock is a 10,000mAh MagSafe wireless power bank with an adjustable built-in kickstand. MagSafe-style charging automatically begins as soon you attach the power bank, for a faster, more convenient way to wirelessly charge. A conveniently located side USB-C port and pass-through charging lets you simultaneously charge your phone and the power bank so your phone stays charged up even when you’re FaceTiming. Powerful magnets with 1000g of holding force ensure the power bank stays securely locked onto your phone, keeping it safely attached when you are on the go or using the stand. Shop now.

ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Charger, MagSafe Compatible

The ESR HaloLock Kickstand is a MagSafe compatible wireless charger that lets you fast charge and watch videos, video calls or game at any angle. An adjustable foldout kickstand transforms this magnetic charging pad into the perfect gaming, Netflix and FaceTime companion. Choose portrait or landscape and an angle that suits you. Shop now.

ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Mobile Charger

ESR HaloLock 3-in-1 Wireless Charger, MagSafe Compatible

ESR 3-in-1 wireless charger

The ESR HaloLock 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with CryoBoost is a MagSafe wireless charging stand with phone-cooling tech, AirPods/Earbuds magnetic charging pad, and Apple Watch/Smart watch charging stand. The phone-cooling fan and heat-dissipating tech combine to keep your phone cool and charging speed at its maximum even when you are using it. Magnets automatically align your Phone and AirPods/Earbuds to the charger, while the watch stand makes docking even easier, giving you fast and easy tap-and-go charging all in one place. Shop now.

ESR HaloLock Wireless CryoBoost Car Charger, MagSafe Compatible

The ESR HaloLock Wireless Car Charger with CryoBoost charges your phone faster than any other MagSafe charger while navigating. A phone-cooling fan and heat-dissipating tech combine to keep your phone cool and charging speed at its maximum even when you are using it.

Mobile car mount
Power in a snap car charger for mobile phones
Easy phone navigation in car

Magnets automatically align your phone and the charger to give you faster and easier charging with magnetic place-and-go convenience. Powerful magnets with a holding force of 1400g keep your phone safely in place even when driving on the bumpiest of roads to ensure a stable mount. Shop now.

Demystifying the mobile tech jargon

What does MagSafe™ mean?

MagSafe provides a convenient and safe way to connect and charge devices. It features a magnetic connector that attaches to the device, allowing for a secure connection that detaches easily if pulled or tugged.

It ensures a quick and hassle-free connection, as the magnet aligns with the port automatically.

ESR’s Universal Ring makes any phone MagSafe so anyone can safely use wireless charging pads providing a convenient and reliable connection.

power in a snap for mobile phones

What is HaloLock™?

HaloLock for mobile phone

HaloLock is a magnetic mounting system created by ESR, designed to maximise the power of MagSafe. It provides a secure and effortless way to wirelessly fast charge smartphones. HaloLock uses a series of magnets embedded in both the phone case and the corresponding mounting accessory, creating a strong magnetic connection. This allows users to easily attach and detach their phones from various mounting options such as car mounts, desk stands, or wall mounts. Additionally, some HaloLock accessories also support wireless charging, enabling users to charge their phones wirelessly while they are securely mounted.

What is Cryoboost™?

“The future of charging is wireless, but wireless charging’s biggest bottleneck is overheating. Wireless charging creates heat which forces charging speeds to slow in order to protect the user’s phone.” said ESR CEO Tim Wu. “CryoBoost fixes this problem by combining a phone-cooling fan and first-of-their-kind heat-dissipating components that cool the user’s phone while they charge.”

Mobile charger with Cryoboost

Shop the ESR range at Paperstone now or contact your account manager to discuss your mobile tech requirements.


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