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Office dogs: An increasingly pup-ular choice?

By Paperstone on June 20, 2022 in Uncategorized

Many of the UK’s most progressive businesses allow office dogs including Google, Ticketmaster, WeWork, Salesforce^ and Paperstone! More and more businesses are following suit.

There’s been a huge rise in dog ownership during the pandemic with 3.2 million households welcoming a new pet, meaning there are now 17 million pet-owning homes in the UK.^

The Paperstone team acquired two new canine friends during the pandemic, Loki and Wilfy.


We’ve always been dog friendly at Paperstone HQ, starting with our beloved Ruby who sadly left us during the pandemic.

Enjoy chasing squirrels in the sky Ruby. RIP.

So, we think dogs in the office is a paw-some idea.

3 benefits of office dogs

In this article we explore the benefits of canine companions in the office.

1. Help reduce stress

Having a quick stroke or cuddle with a dog can instantly lift your mood and alleviate stress. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that that quick belly rub of a dog reduces our cortisol (stress hormone) levels and increases our oxytocin (feel-good hormone) levels.

2. Improve wellbeing

Dogs force people to step away from their screens to take their canine friends for a quick toilet break or walk around the block at lunch, therefore getting fresh air, helping to improve concentration and focus during the working day.

How about a ‘dog walk meeting’ with a colleague? We all know how a change of scenery can improve energy and open up conversation.

3. Retention & attraction

Being a dog friendly office can help retain and/or attract new employees. With over 17 million pet households in the UK^, it’s no wonder ‘dog friendly office’ is cropping up in prospective employee’s searches.

3 challenges of office dogs

It’s not all paw-some…you need to consider the challenges before going dog friendly.

1. Health & hygiene isn’t just for the hoomans

Pet owners must take responsibility for their dog’s vaccinations being up to date and making sure they are free from fleas before bringing them into the office.

Owners need to check with their colleagues re any pet allergies or fear of dogs before bringing them in.

2. ‘Go wee wees’

Owners must be confident they know their dog’s toilet cues and can get them to a suitable place to toilet. No one wants to be cleaning the floor. Of course, be prepared for the odd accident but understand repeat ‘offences’ will result in your pup-45.

3. Sit. Wait…

A well trained and socialised dog is vital. Making sure your dog can be trusted to behave and is happy around other dogs and your team is vital. Some companies suggest a puppy probation period to make sure they settle and the team are happy with them too.

Ready to throw the ‘dog friendly office policy’ a bone?

Friday 24th June 2022 marks Bring Your Dog to Work Day, what better day to bring your four legged friends to work and see how you all get on. We’d love to see your office dog pics so please send them to or via our social pages.


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