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Our Office Move – Grand Designs – Inspiring Features

By Paperstone on May 17, 2021 in Uncategorized

Creating an amazing workspace for Paperstone

Employee wellbeing and creating an inspiring place to work were key elements of the brief for Paperstone’s new office. The features we explore in this blog post are all part of creating an amazing workspace to fit that brief. If you’re interested in any of the features for your own workspace please contact our team.

Living wall – bringing nature indoors

Image features living wall and wooden slat partition.

Increasing in popularity, living walls bring nature inside. They’re great in workspaces as they have been shown to boost productivity, increase employee engagement and provide ‘biophilic‘ affiliation ie that feeling of nature all humans crave.

We’re opting for artificial planting so we minimise the aftercare needed. The plants look so real – we genuinely couldn’t tell until we were right up close.

Acoustic wall panels – stopping unwanted sound in its tracks

Image features acoustic wall panels which can be designed in your brand colours.

In open-plan offices acoustics and balancing noise around the space is key.

Acoustic wall panels will help us to mitigate unwanted noise traveling around. For example from the meeting room to our service team who are taking customer calls.

They also add an opportunity to incorporate our brand colours. We plan to display the blocks as wall art just like the image shown.

Partition walls – helping privacy and creating zones

Image features a meeting room with Crittall walls.

Our office is open-plan and naturally filled with light. We want to maximise this feeling. We need a level of privacy and noise reduction for Jim’s office and between the break out area and desks.

To achieve this, we’re using a combination of Crittall glass and wooden slat partitions to create zones. These features are both stylish, contemporary and practical.

If you’re planning an office move and are interested in help to:

  • write your brief
  • plan your space
  • choose your office furniture
  • source the best quality living walls, acoustic sound panels or partition walls for your design…

please give our experts a call on 0345 567 4000 or email us


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