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Get your office ready for the warmer weather

By Paperstone on April 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

summer readyOur winter has been long and hard in the UK – but now it’s time to celebrate spring! Longer, brighter, warmer days are here at last, boosting workplace morale.

Here are some great products to get your office spring/summer ready:

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of Spring and Summer in the office:

  • Get up a bit earlier and enjoy your commute – try to incorporate more countryside or greenery into your route – or admire the architecture if you live in a beautiful city. Even in a mediocre town you can find some parkland and landscaped gardens. Aim to walk, cycle (or run!) at least a small section of your journey. It’s actually walk to work day today so what better excuse! If you can’t get up early in the morning, enjoy the journey home instead. If you work from home, you can still pop out for a brief walk and wake your brain up ready for a productive day.
  • Most people feel more alert in the summer months as the brain reacts to more daylight and helps you shake off the winter blues. Use this extra energy to catch up on tasks that you’ve been putting off, creating a virtuous cycle and inspiring yourself for greater creativity.
  • Dress for the changing season. But make sure you’re aware of all aspects of your company’s dress code as you discard the heavy business suits and polo necks. Sort out your wardrobe and select lighter, breathable fabrics, while retaining the level of formality required by your employer. Don’t get carried away and start showing off your body art unless you’re sure that it’s allowed – many bosses still frown upon it. And UK law doesn’t give you the automatic right to get inked, unless it’s part of your religious dress code.
  • Plan now for the hot summer days that are looming ahead – even in the UK we are sure to get a few. So, check that the air conditioning units and desk fans are working to keep everyone in the office comfortable. Try to anticipate and negotiate around potential flashpoints over how high the temperature should be.
  • Spring and summer is a great time to consolidate your office friendships. In the better weather, people are generally more relaxed both inside and outside the office, so organise drinks with workmates you’d like to get to know better.



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