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Workplaces supporting charities – Cupcake Day on June 14th

By Paperstone on June 4, 2018 in Charity


Do you have a charity you support in your workplace?

One of the yummiest days of the year is looming on the horizon – Cupcake Day on June 14th!

Why not get together with colleagues who enjoy baking to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society? You could give Mary Berry and Nigella some competition and see who can bake the most delicious cakes on the day.
Mouth-watering recipes are available on the Cupcake Day website where you can also find details of how to sign up for the annual event.
Try making brownie cupcakes for the chocaholics in the office, or red velvet cupcakes for serious cake-lovers – not to mention blueberry muffins for anyone on a gluten-free diet; they all sound amazingly scrumptious!

Make it into a fun day by giving everyone some cupcake bunting to colour in and deck out the office to add a garden fete atmosphere. Anyone who can’t make cakes can make some tea for the occasion – perhaps served in vintage teacups and teapots for an extra special touch.
If time is short, you can always buy some cupcakes from your local bakery or food hall – food cheating is allowed and taking part is the all-important thing.

If it’s not practical to hold your cupcake event in the office, you could always choose a different venue – someone’s home or garden, or a local community centre. With a little creative thinking, you could make a lot of money for the Society’s fine work combating Alzheimer’s.

When you sign up for the event, you’ll receive a free fund-raising pack through the post and details of how to pay your money to the Society. You’ll find food hygiene tips on the website too, and everything you need to know about health and safety.

Every penny you raise will help to make a difference to people with dementia and their families. In the UK alone, someone develops dementia every three minutes, which is a staggering statistic. But together we can work towards funding research and finding a cure.
Dedicated cupcakers have already raised £1.4 million since 2016 to fund research and provide support for sufferers through the National Dementia Helpline. Why not sign up now and get that apron on? To find out more about dementia, visit the Society’s website.



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