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Calling All Lefties! It’s Left Handers Day on Sunday

By Paperstone on August 11, 2017 in Fun, Office Life

Calling all lefties – it’s time to join in the protest on August 13th!

No, I don’t mean a political protest – it’s time for the UK’s 28th annual Left Handers Day.

Strike a blow for lefties by creating a Lefty Zone in your office. Force right-handed colleagues to step into your shoes and experience your frustrations in an awareness-raising exercise.

All year round, you have to cope with gadgets and interior design features designed for right-handers’ comfort. You have to use many tools and implements which feel “back-to-front” and make you look awkward and clumsy.

But not on Left-handers day!

Visit the Left Handers Day website and download a Lefty Zone poster. Next,  designate an area in the office where everything must be done left-handed. It will help your right-handed friends understand what you’re up against in a right-handed world!

Right-handers can be encouraged to use their left hands to carry out some simple tasks, for example:

  • Fill and pour the office kettle
  • Use the microwave control panel (usually positioned on the right of the equipment
  • Cut paper with normal right-handed scissors in their left hand instead
  • Use the computer keypad to enter lots of figures
  • Make themselves a sandwich and peel an apple

Don’t forget to keep the office swear-box handy!



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