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Valentines Day Dos and Don’ts

By Paperstone on February 10, 2016 in Fun, Office Life, Office Workers


If there’s one day in the year that can trigger a whole gamut of emotions in the office, it has to be Valentine’s Day – so don’t wear your heart on your sleeve!

We’ve put together some DOs and DON’Ts to help you navigate around the emotional minefield and come out at the end of the day with you and your colleagues still in one piece.

  • DO Remember that people’s love lives are in various states; some of your workmates are blissfully happy while others are coming to terms with broken relationships and possibly even divorce. It’s not the time to make flippant remarks in the subject of love and happiness or to shout loudly about how happy you are with your amazing partner. If you’re lucky enough to get a huge bouquet of red roses or a fantastic gift delivered to the office then smile sweetly but resist the temptation to do cartwheels!
  • DON’T be tempted to make cynical comments if you are disenchanted with love and romance – it will only earn you a reputation as someone who is bitter and envious. It’s better to take a laid-back approach and give yourself something enjoyable to look forward to in the evening. You could watch your favourite DVD and scoff a tasty takeaway. Remember this is just one day and one season of your life; by next year things could be completely different romantically.
  • DON’T let the pizzazz of the day trick you into behaving inappropriately if you happen to fancy one of your colleagues. Don’t flirt or get physical in the office, but if it’s a serious attraction, think of a way to express your feelings outside the work environment. There’s no need to wear sexy clothing either!
  • DO smile discreetly when people ask about your plans, whether you intend to make a romantic proposal or get away for the weekend. The only dreams you need to discuss in the office are your sales goals or creative projects (boring, but politically astute).
  • DO give professional compliments, but keep them work-related
  • DON’T embarrass your other half by sending massive inflatable hearts to their place of work unless you are utterly convinced that they will love it. Most people don’t want that sort of limelight.
  • DON’T single out some of your colleagues for special attention as it’s likely to cause ill feeling among others
  • DO buy Valentine’s Day cupcakes for the whole office if you’re feeling generous!

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