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Pencil Head – Writing Implements and Hair-Dos

By Paperstone on December 2, 2016 in Fun, Pens & Pencils


Where do you keep your writing implements? In your desk drawer, maybe, or a pencil case? Perhaps you keep a pencil just above your ear for easy access.

You may be surprised to know that some people keep their pens and pencils in their hair!

Pictured here is an American nurse who calls herself Evil Erin, demonstrating just what a useful pencil storage system you can set up in your lovely long tresses. Erin took this photo with her Nikon camera and posted it on Flickr.

Comments on Erin’s page revealed that one or two other ladies use the same clever strategy for hands-free pencil transport. It’s a real eye-opener to those of us with short hair or no hair at all.

And did you know that some people use pencils as a hairdressing tool to put their hair up? If you have long-hair and want to give it a whirl, you can follow some step-by-step instructions in Gina Verrastro’s article on

Gina did some research on-line and then came up with her own hair-raising method.

She sensibly recommends using an unsharpened pencil so that you don’t accidentally stab yourself in the neck.

I wonder what else people keep in their hair?



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