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The Joys of Art Journaling

By Paperstone on October 11, 2016 in Artists & Graphics Supplies, Fun, Office & Personal Planning


Do you want to let your inner child roam freely? An art journal is a great way to have fun and it chases away the blues.

Art journaling is about expressing yourself visually in a private sketchbook, exploring your thoughts and feelings about life, and trying a few art techniques out experimentally.

The one rule is: there are no rules.

You can use an art journal to document your everyday life or you can start a journal with a particular theme, like a travel-based journal, or a spiritual journal.

If you want to de-stress, try expressing your moods with different colours, images and symbols. You can write prose or poetry to record your deepest thoughts, and illustrate the page margins.

On a playful day, draw doodles and matchstick men. On a serious day, use newspaper and magazine cuttings to make a political statement.

You don’t need lots of expensive art supplies. A black drawing pen is a great asset and so are coloured pencils, watercolour pencils and drawing pencils of various types. Alphabet stamps are very handy too. You can probably fit all of your materials into a box or a basket.

A portable box with a handle will serve you well – take your art journaling materials with you on holiday or to your friend’s house- journal at any time, in any place, any way you like.

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