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Too Much Time in the iTea Dept May Get You Decruited

By Paperstone on May 17, 2016 in Fun, Office Jargon


What do you call someone who gets side-tracked in business meetings? An Agenda Bender of course! Or the person who raids the stationery cupboard on a regular basis? Why, that’s Ronnie Bics!

For more corporate jargon, read on:

Al desco dining – eating lunch at your desk

Blamestorming session – meeting aimed at finding a scapegoat for a problem

Brandalism – the excessive use of corporate branding

Chainsaw Consultant – an external consultant hired to cut costs

Credit munch – switching to an economical lunch

Decruiting – firing someone

Desk jockey – an office-based employee

Working the Dracula shift – Going to work in the dark and then going home in the dark

Ego-Surfing – Googling your own name to see what comes up

Google Zoo –when the whole office is pretending to work

iTea department – a group of employees who hang out in the kitchen

Stroperator – A receptionist with a massive sense of self-importance

Teahydrated – the state of urgently needing a cuppa at work

Zombie project – a suggestion that keeps cropping up despite many attempts to kill it






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