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5 Team-building Tips for Managers

By Paperstone on May 31, 2016 in Office Workers


A good manager or team leader knows how to get the best from their employees and boost productivity. Here are 5 tips for building a strong team:

  • Deal with problems or conflict pro-actively and positively to avoid a downward spiral of distrust, resentment or complacency.
  • Perfect the art of listening to others – it’s one of the most important attributes of a good manager. Listen to all members of staff, and consult clients and customers for their views as well
  • Avoid a bureaucratic style of leadership as it tends to stifle creativity and innovation. Don’t overload your team with too many rigid policies and procedures
  • Help your staff to find meaning in their work, so that they feel they are strengthening their own identity and competencies, and not just “renting out their brain”. Give credit when it’s due and occasional rewards too. “Thank you” goes a long way in fostering good relationships
  • When training new members of staff, don’t expect too much, too soon. Prepare them thoroughly for their new role, otherwise you may be disappointed and they may be overwhelmed. Cut them some slack in the early days.
  • Do everything you can to foster a happy atmosphere in the workplace. Build confidence and trust – and encourage a bit of fun too, such as celebrating people’s birthdays and going out for lunch every now and again.


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