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World Kindness Day 2015

By Paperstone on October 29, 2015 in Fun


November can be a bit dreary – so why not spread a little sunshine in your office on World Kindness Day, November 13th.

Bake some cakes and give them out, raise money for charity, or do something to make others happy – the aim is to rise above your own concerns for the day and make an effort to be kind.

World Kindness Day has been celebrated in many countries for a number of years. Participants spread joy by performing acts of kindness in the workplace, on the streets, in schools, and throughout the community.

Wordsworth said; “the best bits of a man’s life are the simple, random acts of kindness and love”.

So here’s a few ideas for your office, if you’re stuck for inspiration:

  • Send out a Kindness Day email to everyone in your organisation, thanking them for their hard work
  • Give a Kindness Day award to someone who’s been very kind or done a good deed that was inspiring
  • Create boxes filled with goodies like tinned food and cosmetics. You could ask everyone in the office to donate an item. Take the boxes to the needy in your community or to a charity who can distribute them
  • Offer Kindness Day discounts, extras or ‘freebies’ to your clients
  • Stop gossiping for the day and speak only kind words to everyone you meet

And for half a minute on World Kindness Day you are also asked to contemplate the selfless acts that have had a lasting impact on you.

With a little thought, you can make someone happy. So what will your act of kindness be on 13 November?


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