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Tweet Back in Anger

By Paperstone on September 24, 2015 in Fun, Office Life, Office Workers

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An unfair boss, an angry employee, and a working broadband connection can add up to a few hasty tweets flying through cyberspace – and sometimes coming back to roost.

According to one survey compiled in the UK by a leading recruitment agency, a staggering 40% of employees have criticised their employers on social networking sites.

And 20% of employees say they have “lambasted” their employer online, on at least one occasion.

However, around half of us disapprove of this behaviour, and think the offenders should be punished.

In a few cases, employees have been given the sack for online discretions- and Marks and Spencer once disciplined 76 staff for posting derogatory comments about customers online.

Workers can avoid a lot of problems by exercising common sense. You wouldn’t write something rude about your boss and put it on the staff notice board, would you?

But in a court of law a post on Facebook may be seen in a similar light.

Workplace lawyers say all companies should have a clear social media policy which states whether workers are allowed to access social media sites during work hours, and what disciplinary measures may be taken for breaches of the rules.





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