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Top Tips for Staying Cool in the Office

By Paperstone on July 14, 2015 in Fun, Office Life


We all love summer! But what do you do in a heat wave if your office lacks air conditioning?

Here are a few cool tips to help you stay alert on those hot, sticky days:

  • Try flexible working (if your company allows it). Adjust your bedtime during the week so that you can start work in the freshness of the early morning. This means you have to spend less time coping with the full heat of the sun and you can head home earlier too
  • If you have to do anything physically strenuous, plan it for first thing in the morning – and do any challenging mental tasks early in the day too. Save your routine administrative jobs for the afternoon (when your brain might feel overheated)
  • Drink plenty of water which will help you stay focused. Mint tea is a great drink to help you feel cooler too, but avoid caffeinated drinks as they increase dehydration.
  • If you have the luck to work from home and have some flexibility, try an afternoon siesta and then work into the evening, as many people do in the Mediterranean
  • Choose a lunch that will help you stay hydrated. A green salad with cucumber and tomatoes, or a fruit salad with melon- even pieces of frozen fruit – will work as food and drink rolled into one! A hot spicy meal can be a good choice too on a hot day, if your colleagues don’t mind the exotic aroma!
  • When you feel really hot and uncomfortable, take a trip to the nearest washbasin and run some ice-cold water on your wrists. You have important blood vessels located there, and you will feel cooler quickly
  • Finally, spray your face with a water mist at regular intervals – it feels lovely combined with a decent desk fan!


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