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The Iconic Stabilo Boss Highlighter Pen

By Paperstone on July 23, 2015 in Uncategorized


The world-famous STABILO BOSS highlighter pen has a distinctive shape – but did you know it its design was a complete accident?

The pen was being developed in the Schwanhäusser factory in Germany in the 1960s, and a whole team of designers had been trying to find a shape that would appeal to business customers.

Up until then, highlighter pens had been marketed for students to use during revision, but Günter Schwanhäusser had seen a potential niche for the pen in the world of commerce.

His design team had come up with a conical shape for the pen – a round barrel which was fatter at one end than the other, but Günter didn’t like it!

Frustrated by Günter’s rejection of a clay prototype, one of the designers punched the clay model and flattened it, producing a unique wedge shape that the boss actually liked!

The team then decided to make the barrel as fluorescent as the ink inside it, to give it more impact visually, and designed a clever chiselled tip to complete the pen’s functionality.

The hard work of Günter and his team paid off, as the STABILO BOSS became the world’s best-selling highlighter, securing the company a brilliant and bright future!




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