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More Annoying Work Habits

By Paperstone on February 27, 2015 in Fun, Office Workers


What annoys you about the people you work with? Maybe they smell, or say stupid things all day, or have weird quirky habits you find hard to ignore?

A national UK newspaper recently did a survey of their readers, and found there were a whole range of irritating habits displayed by British office workers. Here’s a selection of some of these office-based annoyances inflicted by colleagues:

  • Saying “good afternoon” when you’re five minutes late
  • Having awkward tea round requirements, like milk first, half-hot, half-cold, three quarters of a spoon of sugar and don’t stir it up
  • Asking you to mend the photocopier just because you sit next to it
  • Emailing the whole company about a missing coffee mug
  • Bringing in cake every day so that everyone fails on their diets (or conversely, eating all the cake!)
  • Sniffing
  • Saying the word ‘ping’ instead of ‘send’
  • Being rude to the cleaners
  • Hiding in the toilets to avoid doing any work
  • And not surprisingly, microwaving or eating smelly lunches!


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