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5 Ways To Promote Good Health In Your Office

By Paperstone on April 15, 2015 in Office Furniture, Office Life, Office Workers

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It makes good business sense to ensure your workforce is as healthy as possible, as the last thing any company needs is to have half their team off sick.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. If you’re a good boss, you’ll not only care about your employees’ health and wellbeing, but you’ll realise how it’s absolutely key to ensure continuous support and keeping workloads on-track.

Make yours a happy and healthy workforce

We’ve put together some of our main pointers for helping you to promote good health in your office:

  1. Create an open and honest working environment, where employees feel able to talk about any concerns or problems they may be having. This can be crucial to ensuring good mental health and encouraging a supportive workplace
  2. Carry out Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments This is not only part of your duty as an employer under Health and Safety Regulations, but it’s also just good common sense to be as comfortable as possible when working, especially if the majority of your employees are sat at computers for the majority of the day.
  3. If you’ve already forked out on what you thought was the best office furniture, but this still isn’t working for your workers, it’s worth looking at the plethora of accessories out there such as back supports, lumbar cushions and height adjusters.
  4. When your team is sat in an office all day, particularly if they’re working long or unsociable hours, it can often be hard to fit in exercise. There are ways in which many companies can and do encourage it’s employees to have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, whether it’s offering free or subsidised gym membership as part of it’s employee benefits, or organising an office football or hockey team to play at lunch times or after work. Sometimes the smallest gestures and suggestions can make the biggest differences.
  5. Consider alternatives to the standard office and desk combination. There’s a huge selection of alternatives to standard office chairs out there now, such as kneeling chairs. These can give your employees the chance to sit differently, change their posture and be more comfortable at work, which can really contribute to a healthy workforce.

How do you promote good health in your office?

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