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5 Cool Office Ideas You Can Recreate At Work

By Paperstone on January 30, 2015 in Office Furniture, Office Life, Office Workers

You spend a large part of your day in the office, so shouldn’t it be a fantastic, comfortable and inspiring place? Unfortunately the majority of offices can be a little on the dull side. You may not have the budget to completely revamp the place to look like the Google, Innocent or Facebook offices, but you can take a little inspiration from the likes of them.


1. Cool Kitchens (AirBnb)

Airbnb – Image by

The kitchen in the Airbnb office is bright, bold and encourages staff to congregate and prepare good food. Providing tea, good quality coffee and even cereal for staff is a great perk and will increase concentration and encourage better working.

Airbnb is a website that lets people rent accommodation from local hosts in over 190 countries.


2. Stunning Reception Areas (Urban Outfitters)

Urban Outfitters - Photo by Laura Swimmer -

Urban Outfitters – Photo by Laura Swimmer –

The reception area at the fantastic Urban Outfitters office highlights the unique style of the brand. Instantly recognisable to anyone who has visited an Urban Outfitters shop, it shows the importance of reflecting brand values in office design. Ensure your company culture is reflected at your office by displaying photos of your team and showcasing your products and achievements.

Urban Outfitters is a chain of retail stores selling quirky clothing, homeware and gifts.


3. Inspiring Chill-Out Spaces (Peer 1)

Peer 1 -

Peer 1 – Image by

Peer 1 Hosting have created a fantastic space for their employees to enjoy the outside, inside. Having a social space (equipped with a swing) encourages employees to take breaks and ensures they aren’t sat at the same desk all day. But you don’t need mini golf to energise your employees. Highlight the importance of taking breaks and consider hot-desks to move employees around to spark inspiration.

Peer 1 Hosting are a cloud hosting company, their UK offices are in Southampton.


4. “Blue Sky” Break-Out Areas (Coca-Cola)


Coca-Cola – Photo by Nikhilesh Haval

Coca-Cola’s iconic offices are bright, open and spacious to encourage collaborative working. If you don’t have the budget for fabulous interior design and fancy chairs, a big empty table and a whiteboard will get your employees working together. Just don’t forget to stock up on post-it notes and whiteboard pens.


5. Fun Social Spaces (Ticketmaster)

Ticketmaster may not be the first company to add a slide to their office, but they’ve certainly done it with style. This great space gives employees the chance to socialise and we can only imagine the time saved taking the slide instead of the stairs. If you’d like to turn an area of your office into a social space, start with board games, Jenga and the classic – a foosball table.

Event ticket sales company Ticketmaster’s office is in London and also features a pool table, a foosball table (of course) and a great view.

Ticketmaster - Photo by Bernard Rose Photography

Ticketmaster – Photo by Bernard Rose Photography




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