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Pepsi Max’s Unbelievable Bus Shelter

By Paperstone on May 7, 2014 in Fun

Waiting for the bus on the way to the office is dull – but not if you spot a tiger on the loose, a flying saucer or massive tentacles emerging from the pavement!

These were the staggering sights which amazed London commuters, thanks to Pepsi Max, who used ground-breaking technology known as ‘augmented reality’ in an ad campaign.

The technology turned the wall of a bus shelter into a digital portal displaying fantasy images.

Augmented reality places digital content on top of real-world images, giving the illusion that situations are happening in real life.

Pepsi Max used it to create an extravaganza of amazing sights to bemuse commuters, including a flying saucer attack, giant robots and a girl being carried away by balloons. In one scene, a giant tentacle burst through the pavement and grabbed a pedestrian.

Hidden cameras recorded people’s reactions which ranged from sheer terror to great amusement.

Watch the video…


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