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New Employment Opportunities for Those with Autism

By Paperstone on April 28, 2014 in Office Workers
Autism infinity symbol

Autism infinity symbol

Doors may be opening for people with autism to join the world of paid work in increasing numbers.

Some employers who want attention to detail are actively looking for autistic employees, it has been revealed.

The Wall Street Journal reports there is a new trend is to see autism as an asset in the workplace, for roles needing a highly methodical approach.

It is good news for the 85 per cent of adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) currently without a job in the UK.

Germany-based software company SAP AG has been actively recruiting people with ASD for its offices at Dublin as well as in India, Germany, and the US. The company is providing specialist support for these new employees.

SAP estimates that up to one per cent of its workforce (about 650 people) might be employees with autism by 2020.

Mr  Jose Velasco, head of the autism initiative at SAP  in the US, said that people with ASD tend to pay attention to detail and may be well suited as software testers and debuggers.

“They bring a different perspective to the workplace, which may help with efficiency and creativity as well,” he said.


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