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Will We Be Printing Our Dinners Soon? Meet the ‘Fruit Printer’

By Paperstone on June 26, 2014 in Fun, Printers & Fax Machines

It looks as if we may be doing more than printing documents in the office soon – we may be printing our lunch as well!

A design studio in Cambridge has launched a 3D fruit printer, which creates ‘fruit’ that you can eat.

The company, Dovetailed, has been working with Microsoft on the molecular gastronomy technique known as ‘spherification’. It combines individual liquid droplets with various flavours in a fruit shape.

It takes just seconds to print the ‘fruit’, which is described as organic.

The machine is aimed at foodies and chefs and was unveiled at the Tech Food Hack event in Cambridge.

The company says it has reinvented the concept of fresh fruit on demand. Not only can existing fruits be created, but the taste, texture, size and shape can be customised, effectively inventing new ‘fruits’.

It is thought that these printers may eventually become common in our kitchens, and maybe one day, in our offices too!


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