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Time Is Money

By Paperstone on August 18, 2013 in Fun

Do you hate mornings and delay the inevitable moment when your head must be separated from the pillow? If so, then you probably have a love-hate relationship with your alarm clock.

But how would you feel if your alarm clock took revenge and punished you for not switching it off?

An American inventor has created a bizarre alarm clock which shreds your money if you fail to get up to turn it off.

The weird machine was the brainchild of Rich Olson, who combined a Sparkfun Clockit (a basic alarm clock with a buzzer) with a USB powered paper shredder.

If the alarm is not turned off within a few seconds, it destroys a one dollar bill.

Mr Olson posted a clip of his creation on YouTube where it received a mixed reception.

Some viewers were worried it could be a federal offence to destroy banknotes.

The inventor appeared to be unruffled, and commented, “To all those saying the feds are going to take me away – I’m not that concerned.”

See a vid of the alarm clock in action:


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