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Recycled C3PO

By Paperstone on May 4, 2013 in Fun, Office Workers

Recycled C3PO

Ever since Marx, certain elements of society have been aware of the negative effects of becoming a cog in a machine. Various solutions have been proposed, including Marx’s very own. Others include everybody becoming self sufficient vegetable growers and, the other extreme, creating robots that will quite simply do everything in our place.

Tired of waiting for experts in the field of robotics (predominantly Japanese for some reason) to develop such a machine, some are taking matters into their own hands. Here, Gabriel Dishaw presents his version of Star war’s ever loyal dogsbody C3PO made from recycled office equipment. It is as of yet just a head, but if only we could take this idea all the way so many of our daily office tasks would be taken off our hands. The only thing is, as frustrating as a typewriter or personal computer may be, having seen the film, I’m not sure I could put up with a C3PO in the office, no matter how much of my work he did for me. I had a colleague a bit like him before. Very useful indeed, but the novelty did wear off.


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