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Pay Rise

By Paperstone on September 9, 2013 in Office Workers

So you think it’s time for a pay rise?

Before you ask your boss for a salary increase, know what you’re worth. This depends on your experience, specialized knowledge, geographical location, and what others in your field are earning.

Think twice before asking – you could do more harm than good if you ask for a £5,000 pay rise when you’re already earning more than you’re worth. And make sure you understand your company’s policy on this issue. Some businesses only consider salary increases after performance reviews.

If you are paid less than others in your field, explain this to your superiors, and remind them of your achievements. Statistical evidence of how you’ve helped the company succeed is always useful. This is not the time to be modest. Get down to business by stating what you want and why you deserve it. Suggest a figure you think would be fair.

If your boss says no, ask when you might next review the issue, but don’t threaten to leave. It’s not a great idea to burn your bridges – you never know when you might need a reference or other assistance from your boss in the future.


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