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Innovative Business Cards

By Paperstone on July 15, 2013 in Office Supplies
A business card made of meat

A business card made of meat

There’s no excuse for dull and boring business cards – think about your company and what it does, then find a creative card design that says it all.

You want your card to be memorable – so forget the bog-standard version and be a bit artistic, even three-dimensional, in your approach.

Here are some examples of unusual and memorable business cards:

  • A furniture company had a card that could be folded into a mini-sofa
  • A divorce lawyer had a card with a perforation right down the middle, so it could be torn into two halves
  • A farm had a card with a sheep logo, and stuck some real wool on it
  • An architect’s firm had its details on a piece of Lego
  • A design company had a book of matches, with a little face drawn on each match
  • A piano repair company had a card that you could make into a piano
  • A cat’s home had its card die-cut with a ‘cat flap’
  • A bakery tasted success when it had its logo on a biscuit


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