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Blue Mondays

By Paperstone on April 22, 2013 in Whiteboards / Notice Boards

Crowded tube on a blue Monday

The phenomenon of ‘Blue Mondays’ is familiar to most people who work in an office – after the joy of being free to pursue our own personal interests over the weekend, many of us feel let down by the prospect of another week at our desks.

So what can we do to make our lives easier on Monday? Follow these tips for happier Mondays:

  • Have something to look forward to on Monday evenings- a dance class, a weekly catch up with a friend, or even a pampering night in if you think you’ll still be tired from the weekend. If you make this special event every Monday a long term habit, sooner or later you will associate Mondays with having fun or chilling out.
  • Instead of thinking “damn, another week at work,” why not tell yourself “how lucky I am to have a job while so many others are unemployed”? It may sound trite, but our mental attitude really does influence how we feel.
  • On a practical note, there may be a way of making Monday less of a challenge. Maybe the Monday morning meeting, or the deadline for your weekly report could take place on another day of the week?
  • You may be able to join with co-workers in a little fun ritual every Monday morning to lighten the mood. Workers in one office had a whiteboard where everyone wrote a one-line review of the films they’d seen or the places they’d been to. This brief social interaction made people smile and set an upbeat tone for the beginning of a new week.


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