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Always Late For An Important Date?

By Paperstone on October 24, 2013 in Office Workers

Are you the first one to arrive at the office every day? Or maybe you’re the person who is always five or 10 minutes late, and sits down at your desk to sideways glances and raised eyebrows?

We all know people who struggle to get to work on time, whether it’s ourselves or someone else.

Chronic lateness seems to assail some people who are otherwise intelligent and hard workers.

But what makes some people regularly late? Occasionally, people suffer from a brain condition similar to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It makes it hard for them to keep an eye on the time.

But not all chronically late workers have a condition affecting the brain. Some lateness has psychological factors.

USA management consultant Diana DeLonzor carried out a study and found that the chronically late tended to procrastinate more and had trouble with self-control. She identified three main types:

The Deadliner actually enjoys the last minute dash out of the door. She is the sort of person who likes working under pressure. Rushing around is a way to relieve boredom.

The Producer is focused on getting a huge number of tasks done in as little time as possible. Producers hate wasting time, so they fail to leave enough time to travel from A to B.

The Absent-Minded Professor is easily distracted. Distractibility can be an inborn trait and can range from actual ADHD to a more benign flakiness. Absent-Minded Professors often lose track of time, mislay items like car keys and mobile phones, and forget appointments.


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