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Untidy Offices Hurt Productivity

By Paperstone on February 24, 2012 in Office Desks, Office Furniture, Office Workers

Wobbly, messy office

Recent research suggests messy offices are not just unsightly – they can stifle productivity.

The research commissioned by the National Association of Professional Organisers (NAPO) shows that untidy offices demotivate staff, as well introduce inefficiencies to the workplace, with workers struggling to locate documents.

It was found that company execs can spend up to six weeks every year trying to locate misplaced work items. And NAPO suggest that a simple reorganisation of the office and desks can increase productivity by 30 percent.

Says Angela Wallace, president of NAPO: “Becoming more organised can help reduce stress, saves time and money, increases productivity and can enhance the quality of your life.”

An untidy office can also convey inefficiency and so tarnish the brand of a company. Almost half of those interviewed said colleagues with untidy desks had equally disorganised work practices.


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