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Planet Earth For Sale

By Paperstone on November 6, 2012 in Fun

Planet Earth for sale on Yahoo Auction

Earth is up for sale on Yahoo Auction after God bestowed the planet of a fortunate Japanese man is a dream. Earth is listed as “authentic” and “used” and there is a “no return” policy.


The starting price was 69 yen ($0.86). However, the auction has been restarted several times due to the seller becoming upset by prank bids. He stipulates that each bid must be accompanied an articulation of serious intent to purchase.

The seller helpfully fields most questions that potential buyers might have.

One bidder asked, “I’m curious why there’s no photo of the item’s backside. Are there any countries recklessly wasting resources or waging wars that we should know about?”

The seller responded, “Thank you for your question! Unfortunately there are many countries doing that. God is also quite upset about it. After a successful bid, I think I can talk to someone about crushing those countries like worms. Thank you for your interest.”


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