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Mad Dentist Who Used Paperclips

By Paperstone on March 19, 2012 in Desktop Essentials, Office Pins, Clips and Bands, Paperclips

Happy dentist

Back in January, a mad dentist from Massachusetts called Michael Clair was given a year in jail for using Paperclips in root canal procedures. Recently, 20-year-old Joshua Almeida, a victim of this surreal mouth-bothering, spoke of his pain.

“When I chew food it, like, hurts, and like, when something’s cold, it hurts even more,” says Almeida. “I get toothaches all the time, like, I still have one in my mouth right now. I still have a cap in my mouth with a Paperclip in it.”

Almeida’s mother, Brenda, is equally indignant: “For what he did to my kids I’m like shocked that he ever did something … I never expected him to go this far, especially with a Paperclip.”

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