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“What Paper Means In Prison”

By Paperstone on June 29, 2012 in Paper

Phone in book

Kate Bolger at The Awl has written a great article on the uses of Paper by inmates in prison. What Paper Means In Prison chronicles mundane and innovative uses of Paper, from communication (“kites” or written notes and arrangements passed between prisoners), through concealment (e.g. hiding mobiles, flash drives and narcotics in books), to weaponry (knives sculpted from toilet Paper paste).

“The everyday things we take for granted become vital when we’re deprived of them. Prisoners, powerless, have fought for their right to Paper. The Paper object—book, magazine, letter, Paperwork and usable trash—is socially crucial not only for what it is, but what it can become. Paper can lend normalcy even to being caged.”

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