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Play More Notepads

By Paperstone on May 4, 2011 in Books & Pads

ballgame notepad

So called ‘writer’s block’ often manifests itself as a ritualistic simulacrum. You stare at a blank sheet of Paper. Eventually you write some words which you shortly assess and deem inadequate. This judgment takes the form of scrunching up the scribbled-on top sheet of Paper and tossing it into the wastebin. You can try again – as long as you have virginal Paper on which to work.

Add a bit of colour to this ritual with the Play More Notepad.

Play More Notepads are notebooks in which each one-sided sheet of lined note Paper is backed by a sports ball design including football, American football, pool 8-ball, baseball, basketball and tennis ball. Now when you scrunch up your failed ideas, the crumpled ball resembles an object apt for throwing in the bin.

Play More Notepads are designed by Trapped in Suburbia and available from Neatoshop who ship worldwide.


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