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World Cup Stationery: Group C

By Paperstone on June 19, 2010 in Fun, Office Supplies

group c


In a football-exploitative feature, we try to find stationery from, or related to, all the nations participating in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Today, Group C, the one England are in.


Algeria iphone caseALGERIA

National dish: Couscous

USP / Cultural stereotype / significant export: Oppressive French occupation. Albert Camus was born there.

Player to watch: Rafik Saifi

Featured stationery item: Algeria iPhone case



National dish: Chicken Tikka Masala

USP / Cultural stereotype / significant export: Bombastic national pride / self-denigration

Player to watch: Wayne Rooney

Featured stationery item: Official Jordan 2010 calendar


football badgeSLOVENIA

National dish: ajdovi žganci, potica, Matevž (according to Wikipedia)

USP / Cultural stereotype / significant export: Emerged more peacefully than other nations from break-up of Yugoslavia

Player to watch: Milijove Novakovic

Featured stationery item: Olympia Ljubliana FC football badge.


sarah palinUSA

National dish: McDonald’s

USP / Cultural stereotype / significant export: The right to bear arms

Player to watch: Landon Donovan

Featured stationery item: Sarah Palin Christmas Cards




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