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Dubya Joins Facebook

By Paperstone on June 6, 2010 in Fun, Janitorial

bush and friends

With time on his hands, former President George W. Bush has joined Facebook. There’s not much info on the man himself, but you can enjoy wall posts like, “Oh man, do I miss Dubya” and “go George.” You’d think that negative comments would get quickly deleted. But, “Hi, thanks for causing pain throughout the world, causing wars and killing people for oil” got through. Maybe he was confused by the “thanks” bit.

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 And in other news with tenuous links to office supplies you might have missed…

You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

bombed bank

Bank robbers in Mecklenburg, Germany blew up an entire bank by mistake. They had only intended to explode the front off a cash machine. The ATM was, alas, left intact after the explosion.

Bank style pens  

Cleaner swallowed by sausage machine

long sausage

A Massachusetts cleaner was sucked into a sausage machine that he was attending to. Police Lt Carole Germano said the victim was cleaning inside “a vacuum-type cylinder” that draws marinade into the meat. The machine got activated while he was still inside. He bore no obvious external scars but needed to be checked out for internal injuries.

Janitorial supplies
Health, safety and security products

Kitten Avoids Death

kitty heaven
Cat heaven

A Persian kitten narrowly avoided death by surviving a wash and spin cycle in a washing mashing. Kimba, from Sydney, Australia, probably nestled in among laundry before the front-loading machine was turned on to a (fortunately) cold wash. The small beast emerged dizzy, frightened and wet.

Washing tablets

Edible crayons

edible crayons

Luxirare have created a box of eight crayons using edibles like bee pollen, freeze dried strawberries and marshmallows.

Via Boing Boing

Marking crayons at Paperstone


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