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Crime (Postage) Pays

By Paperstone on May 4, 2010 in Envelopes

jack in box


A Polish burglar obviated the need for breaking and entering properties he intended to rob by sending himself in big parcels addressed to the premises. Once installed in the property he would wait ‘til nightfall, get out of his box and fill his swag bag with goodies.

In order to secret himself out again, Stanislaw Muchy, 39, would climb into another box addressed to his Warsaw home, loot and all.

The spate of perfect crime came to an end, however, when Muchy fell out with his accomplice – whose job it was to deliver burglar-in box to courier firms – who in turn told the police

After being tipped off, police joked, “we arrange a special delivery of our own.”

How we laugh…




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