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Cat Calls 999

By Paperstone on December 17, 2010 in Office Machines & Supplies

Cat with phone

 A cat has been caught phoning the emergency services in the middle of the night.

Police officers woke retired lecturer Howard Moss at his house at 2.30am and told him that they were answering a 999 call made from his house. When Moss told them he had been asleep for hours yet computer checks traced the call to his Swansea home, the officers searched the house to find his cat Ginger sleeping next to the telephone which in turn was slightly off the hook.

“One of them noticed Ginger asleep on the phone table,” said Moss. “The phone was off the hook and Ginger had a paw on the phone keyboard.

“The officer quickly drew the only possible conclusion that it was Ginger who made the 999 call with his paw while he was sleeping.

“I’ve had him 12 years and he is very, very friendly. But he was oblivious to the commotion he’d caused. He just jumped down off the table.”


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