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Britons Borrow To Go On Hols

By Paperstone on September 23, 2010 in Office Workers



According to research commissioned by, an increasing number of Britons are borrowing in order to go on holiday. Over a quarter of the 1,891 respondents admitted they needed to borrow in order to go on holiday while 20 percent said that they would rather be in debt than go without a break from work.

Said Chris Brown, co-founder of

“Borrowing money has unfortunately become an increasing necessity for those wanting to enjoy a little luxury in this tough economic climate. The fact that many would rather experience debt than go without a holiday is surprising, but it just proves how important a little respite from the pressures of everyday life can be.

“Nevertheless, people need to be careful when considering where this borrowed money comes from. Whilst credit cards can seem like an excellent way to put off large payments; the interest accrued will make your holiday far more expensive in the long run, especially if the debt is paid off slowly. Searching for cheap holiday deals is often a far better way of saving the pounds. Holidays dont have to be expensive, and we aim to save our customers a great amount of money by offering holidays even for those on a budget.”


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