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Tipp-Ex Is 50 Years Young!

By Paperstone on April 12, 2009 in Office Supplies

Tipp-Ex, that very recognisable stationery brand, is 50 years old this year. The company was founded in 1959 in Frankfurt by Otto W. Carls who produced an innovative correction Paper for use with typewriters. The name “Tipp-Ex” given both to the company and the product was based on the use of this original product. The typewriter would be backspaced to the letter that was to be changed, the Tipp-Ex Paper placed in front of the ribbon, and the mistyped letter typed again, the ink covered over with white stuff. Demand for this Paper grew quickly both in Germany and internationally.

In 1965, Tipp-Ex launched the world’s first correction fluid. 1992 saw its first correction tape. The Pocket Mouse correction roller followed in 1995, the correction pen in 1998.

In March 1997, Société Bic acquired Tipp-Ex and Tipp-Ex has been part of the BIC Group and a trademark for correction products ever since.

Tipp-Ex is the leading European correction products brand and is the tenth most recognized German brand name in the world.

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