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By Paperstone on February 27, 2009 in Ink Cartridges And Toners, Office Machines & Supplies, Office Workers

“Telling it like it is”


Office workers get drunk, watch porn

Over half of office workers go on the lash at work and about a third perve over porn during work hours, according to research from e-mail security firm Proofpoint who reported that 56% of office workers admitted to returning to work drunk after a lunchtime bevvy.

Half-cut, some of these boozy workers have hit the “Reply All” button on their email by mistake, sending unfortunate messages to their line managers and such. Some 25% of respondents said they had e-mailed a colleague with amorous messages intended for a lover.

Apparently, the blurring between professional and personal lives in the digital realm means that we are increasingly relaxed in our use of email and the internet.


Thousands of trusting individuals fall for computer tanning hoax

As many as 30,000 people in 24 hours visited the ComputerTan website to register their interest in a new technology that harnesses the rays of a computer screen to tan office workers while they tap away at their keyboards or make important telephone calls.

The hoax was organised by UK skin cancer charity Skcin to raise awareness of skin cancer in the UK. Would-be users of computer tanning were instead confronted with facts about skin cancer and illustrations of the disease.

More people die of skin cancer in the UK every year than in Australia.

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Paperstone doesn’t offer computer tanning solutions but we do have a range of computer monitor screen filters to take the glare out of your display.


Does size matter when it comes to you printer?

A tiny printer that can print A4 documents has just been announced by PlanOn. believed to be the smallest full page printer ever, it is just one-inch high, 10.75 inches wide and 1.9 inches deep. While a USB 2.0 port is available, this 1.5-pound mobile printer is also Bluetooth enabled. It’s quite pricey to run, though, as it requires expensive thermal Paper rather than using a printer cartridge.

Printers and multifunction machines
Printer cartridges

Bumper year for counterfeit banknotes

2008 saw another increase in banknote forgery. In Ireland in the second half of the year around 354,000 counterfit €uro notes were withdrawn from circulation. The €20 note was the most counterfitted.

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Do you often need to check if banknotes are kosher? Have a look at our banknote checker page.

Eco-printer uses coffee dregs and tea leaves

Among entries for this year’s Greener Gadgets competition was a printer which uses coffee and tea dregs as “ink” or rather, “toner”. Hot drink remains are poured into the printer cartridge and the printer cartridge is moved by hand (no electrics – thus even more green). This design concept is by Jeon Hwan Ju.

Printer cartridges


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