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Stabilo Bionic Wows Paperstone Reviewers

By Paperstone on November 20, 2009 in Pens & Pencils

Stabilo Bionic worker rollerball pens are the latest favourite of Paperstone staff and we have been using them to compose to-do lists, sign cheques, write important things about office supplies, and all sorts. We’ve all started to use our keyboards a little less as we increasingly put pen to Paper – because we can’t get enough of the mellifluous ink flow and sensual grip of the Bionic worker.

Some people love their pens while others are happy with a manky disposable biro of the sort you pick up at the bookies. But pen-lovers and agnostics alike should enjoy this pen. The ink flow is flawless and pen-to-Paper contact untroubled – not at all scratchy. A soft grip zone covers the entire pen shaft. And for those of you who chew their pen in lieu of a cigarette, thumb or nipple, the base of the Stabilo Bionic offers two contrasting biting experiences of hard and soft plastic.

A writing triumph – 5 Stars.

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