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Leeds Software Company Launches Home-Working Solution

By Paperstone on May 8, 2009 in Office Furniture

Leeds-based software services company Coldbeancreations Ltd is providing businesses with a cost-cutting, environmentally friendly software package which saves workers having to come into the office. The electronic monitoring system called TechNature allows SMEs to apportion jobs to home workers while managing their work with auditing software. Having workers move into home offices means that companies save on office space, heating, lighting and parking. It also means that workers reduce their carbon footprint by not travelling to work.

TechNature is a customised version of Windows Explorer and resides on the employee’s computer rather than the Internet. Logging in and out amounts to the same as clocking in and out and can run in the background, Meanwhile, the software’s monitoring capabilities can capture screen, keyboard and system events, recording all work done while the program is running. Managers of home workers can browse their employees’ activity. The data is sent between the home worker’s machine and the server – either at Coldbeancreations Ltd or at the employer’s head office – and is encrypted.

Gary Wilson, director of Coldbeancreations Ltd, says: “The benefits of home working are widely understood these days. Employees don’t have to rise at 6am to catch a train or jump in a car, and there’s no need to foot the bill for transport and parking costs. Not only does this represent an instant pay increase, which is desirable during the downturn, but it means employees can enjoy a ‘shorter’ working day while actually completing more ‘up-time’ than if they were based in a traditional office. As well as cost-cutting, the employer may benefit from employees who are more productive and less stressed.”

“Businesses that already have informal ‘work from home’ arrangements can use TechNature to formalise the practise and adopt it on a wider scale. And they can enjoy the knowledge that they are helping themselves, their employees and the planet!”

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