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Does Your Desk Neighbour Annoy You?

By Paperstone on November 5, 2009 in Office Furniture, Office Workers

Is your office desk neighbour eating crisps too loudly, or repeatedly suspending stationery items in jelly? According to new research commissioned by Office Angels, two our of five office workers sits next to someone who gets on their nerves. Of those, 38 percent had complained to their boss or confronted the culprit directly.

The most common complaints were colleagues who talked too much, moaned, stole items of stationery or were too nosy. A few said they sat next to workers who went for a lunchtime gym session and returned without having showered.

More positively, nearly half described their colleagues as supportive, especially during stressful times at work and at home, and over a third said they had become good friends with people at work.

“Whilst the majority of office workers have a happy working environment, it’s inevitable that occasionally desk-neighbours will get on your nerves," says Office Angels managing director David Clubb.

“However, as the results show, it is no surprise that there are plenty of workers who have good working relationships with colleagues, and it is a known fact that many people meet their partners or closest friends in the workplace.”

1,000 office workers were polled for the survey.


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